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We take pride in welcoming you to TeKnoWave, Canada's First National Aboriginal IT Training Program. TeKnoWave Inc., headquartered in Ottawa, is a non-profit corporation that has been formed to oversee the delivery of IT, Business and Sustainable Energy Training programs that creates the essential technical and managerial capacity within the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis populations, enabling the achievement of community social and economic goals, creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and building Aboriginal self-reliance.

Our quality education, friendly atmosphere, and a variety of Indigenous social and cultural activities, make TeKnoWave the perfect place to study, travel and develop life-long friends.

Our programs are designed in collaboration with hiring organizations and are designed specifically for Aboriginal People which lead to immediate career opportunities in Corporate Canada, All Government Sectors, and Aboriginal Communities, Starting a New Business Venture or Continuing University Studies for a Degree.

Laid on the foundation of Aboriginal community participation, the TeKnoWave model: "Five Pillars of Career & Community Development", is based on the proven and successful experiences of Ottawa-based Willis College of Business & Technology which has been a leader throughout its 108 years.

The overall goal (IT sector) is to develop 1 000 Aboriginal IT professionals to optimize the prospects for employments, to bridge the existing skills gap, to provide innovative permanent solutions to community IT needs.

The TeKnoWave pilot IT class commenced in Ottawa enjoying unparallel success. The first TeKnoWave pilot on-reserve will be at Six Nations with G.R.E.A.T. Ogwehoweh Skills and Trades Training Centre and it is scheduled for 2005.

TeKnoWave has been the focus of attention internationally and there is a huge demand to bring TeKnoWave onto the national and international stages.

For more information, please contact campus of your choice:

Ottawa Campus (TeKnoWave Inc.): 1-877-233-1128
or info@teknowave.ca


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