TeKnoWave Success

2004 Graduation Ceremony


I am writing to express our gratitude for your participation in helping us to present a Graduation Gala for TeKnoWave Pilot Program graduates that was a tremendous success.

The ceremony was surpassed only be the stellar achievements of the graduates themselves, which was highlighted by Christopher Brinklow being presented the Rahansiio Cross Award of Excellence awarded to students who achieve the highest academic scores during the year of study. Moreover graduate students Angela Vallely and Philip VanEvery-Albert were featured for being selected as Canadian Youth Ambassadors to represent Canada in Busan, South Korea at the Information Telecom Union (ITU) Asia 2004 in September.

We were especially honoured to have Algonquin Nation Elder - Grandfather William Commanda, provide the opening and closing prayer in three languages including Algonquin, English and French. Dr. Douglas Cardinal's keynote speech was profound and inspiring. As Canada's 1st architect to embrace information technology in his company in the 1970's he changed the architect profession forever and is a role model for all Aboriginal people and TeKnoWave graduates.

Congratulatory messages from Maurice F. Strong U.N. Under Secretary-General and Special Advisor to the Secretary General; Prime Minister Paul Martin; Minister of State (Northern Development) Ethel Blondin-Andrew; and Mayor Bob Chiarelli were poignant and gave particular recognition of TeKnoWave as Canada's 1st National Aboriginal IT Training Program.

Please accept our best personal regards and sincere thanks for your help in making the first TeKnoWave Pilot program graduation 2004 an unmitigated success.

All My Relations,

Clifford T. Summers
TeKnoWave Graduation Gala Committee






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