We would like to express our appreciation to the champions who continue to be creative, proactive and committed to improving opportunities for Aboriginal people. TeKnoWave and its services will be perceived as a noteworthy contribution to Aboriginal economic growth and we welcome new champions in support of this important initiative.

"TeKnoWave is one of the most innovative and promising initiatives of our Aboriginal and Indigenous Community. Using the latest information technologies it will enable many more aboriginal people, particularly youth, to obtain the training and develop the skills that will expand their employment and economic opportunities. There can be no higher priority!"

-- Hon. Maurice F. Strong P.C., C.C.
Under Secretary General and Special Advisor to the Secretary General
"The leadership path to Canada's TeKnoWave

is the leadership path to Canada's Prosperity."

-- Charles S. Coffey
Executive VP RBC Financial Group






Innovative Partnerships Building Canada's Aboriginal Technology Capacity
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