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The private sector, including small, medium and large corporations, are involved to ensure that the curriculum is directly pertinent to local and national needs, thus providing seamless and smooth transition to the workforce. Particular emphasis is placed on Aboriginal IT companies.

Corporate sponsorship, leadership and support has been instrumental in ensuring two keys goals of TeKnoWave:

    1. Meeting the needs of hiring firms and communities so that graduates have the modern skills needed by today's knowledge workers.

    2. Ensuring our programs are industry standard and using official curriculum of the primary vendors. This assures proper preparation for not only certification exams but also for the expected knowledge on the job market.

Donna Cona Inc., Mohawk Internet Technologies, National Aboriginal Capital Corporation Association, OSWE:GE Inc. and Willis College typifies the quality corporation that is providing an advocacy to the graduates of TeKnoWave.

Much appreciation is extended to Willis College, the major funding sponsor and founder of this initiative.




Innovative Partnerships Building Canada's Aboriginal Technology Capacity
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