Joseph T. Norton Scholarship

*** Please note that the Joseph T. Norton Willis Scholarship
is no longer available. ***

Willis College is proud of its association with former Grand Chief Norton and has chosen to establish the The Joseph Tokwiro Norton Scholarship in Technology to be awarded annually to an Aboriginal student in Canada. This award has a value of up to $18,000 and covers the tuition fees to attend the Willis College in Ottawa or with-in TeKnoWave program. The scholarship is administered by the Joseph T. Norton Scholarship Board of Trustees.

Willis College of Business & Technology established in 1896 stands as an ongoing testament to the creativity, tenacity, and strength of Canadian private career colleges and maintains a corporate mission statement to provide a quality adult educational learning environment where the creative interests and development of our clients are paramount. Willis specializes in accredited adult career and corporate training. Students may take individual courses to upgrade their skills or enroll in a full career program that leads them to attractive jobs in the Business, IT & Sustainable Energy industry sectors.

Joseph Norton is the former Grand Chief of the Mohawk Community of Kahnawake and has made a tremendous contribution to youth and education. Read more info about Grand Chief Norton.


  1. The Joseph T. Norton Scholarship ("The Scholarship") was announced in September 2001. The Scholarship carries a nominal value, at the time of announcement, of $18,000.

  2. The Scholarship is available for qualified Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis students to pursue IT and business studies.

  3. The Scholarship is awarded annually to a qualified student selected by the Joseph T. Norton Scholarship Board of Trustees Selection Committee.

  4. The Scholarship provides tuition for a one year program at Willis College of Business and Technology or TeKnoWave programs. The student may select courses from the curriculum offered at the time of selection.

  5. The Scholarship is non-transferable and may be applied to academic career courses only.

  6. The student may attend courses during a 12 month period from the time the courses are started at Willis College campus or at TeKnoWave campuses offering the selected courses.

Interested candidates must apply by July 1. To find out how, click here.






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