Meet the Latest Recipients


*** Please note that the Joseph T. Norton Willis Scholarship
is no longer available. ***

Rahontsiio Cross, Mohawk from Kahnawake, Quebec 2002-2003 scholarship recipients

"I would really like to start small in my own garage with my own IT business. This business will help all of Kahnawake, some thing like a help support center. You see instead of having a full time technician on hand, you have many technicians on call that I will employ. This will help Kahnawake by saving some money and if there is anything that has to be done fast we can do it.

"I would start in Kahnawake with about two or three technicians running part time at first. Then when I grow, I will start hiring and hopefully get big enough to start a small technical school for natives across the Americas. This way I not only help Kahnawake but all kinds of people and I also make a major contribution to the computer world, just like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell."

Joselyn Grant, Tlingit, Teslin from Whitehorse, Yukon, 2002 -2003 scholarship recipients

"My dream is to travel and experience the world with my family while not being chained to a desk. I am very intrigued by the challenges and opportunities that technology has to offer and I am poised to take part in any learning opportunities that may come my way. I dream one day doing my work via satellite while driving down the Alaska Highway."

"I see Multimedia as the heart of the Internet and I would love to have an impact on the creation of the technological content that is presented to the world."

Christopher Brinklow, Mohawk from Tyendinaga, Ontario 2003-2004 scholarship recipients

Chris is the 2003-2004 scholarship recipients who have graduated from TeKnoWave MCSA pilot program. Christopher Brinklow being presented the Rahansiio Cross Award of Excellence awarded to students who achieve the highest academic scores during the year of study.






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